BMX Extreme

Game Description

Do you love doing dirt bike tricks? Well, do it the safest way possible – through an online game! In the BMX Extreme game, you get to perform superb bike tricks that would give you points to win in the competition.

In the BMX Extreme game there are two game modes to choose from - the free mode and the complete mode. In the Complete Game Mode, you are given a full minute to do all the tricks you know with the bike. And your tricks will be rated accordingly. If you do it beautifully, then you get higher points. In the Free Game Mode, there is no time limit enforced at all. You can play, practice, and try all the tricks you need to know for as long as you want.
The tricks you can perform are the as follows: Side Flip, Back Flip, Superman Flip, and Batman Flip. Do the Side Flip by pressing the Down Arrow Key. The Back Flip is achieved by holding the Left Arrow Key. Press the letter Z on your keyboard for the Superman Flip. The Batman Flip is on the letter C. To move forward, press the Up Arrow Key. Rotate the wheels of your bike by pressing the letter X. Play BMX Extreme Game online for free!


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