Aliens Busted

Game Description

In the not so far future, it is possible that there will be a cohabitation of this planet by humans and aliens. And if that happens, it will probably be a peaceful one. But what if there will also be some rebel aliens, who think they can do just anything they want over here?

No problem, agent Scully will be there, to bust those nasty aliens. Imagine that you live in that era, and help Scully take down the targeted cars. New York will be one of their favorite places, so that is where she will need to start her job. Destroy all the enemy targeted cars and proceed any way you see fit, but try to be as fast and accurate as possible. The health and distance to target meters give you important clues on how well you're doing. Once New York is cleaned up, you'll be able to go to another city and move to another level of this cool game.


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