Taxi Rush

Game Description

Driving a taxi means that you have to be fast and smart and definitely a good driver. Try to reach the end of the level without your car getting too damaged or your time running out. You will be able to see your health bar and the distance remaining until the end of the level in the left part of the screen. Crashing into things determines your vehicle to break down. Along the way you can gather some power ups. You can get the health power up that restores the condition of your taxi, the speed power up that gives you a little boost and the shield power up that protects you for a limited time against any damages. Complete all nine levels, each harder than the previous one, and prove you are the best taxi driver out there. Gather many power ups, finish fast and with the least amount of damage possible to get a great score.
Use your arrows to control the car and the space bar to brake.


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